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Phoenix Business SolutionsHow to increase the success of your business by using the Internet effectively!

Why do you have a business website?

  • To have an online brochure?
  • To refer your customer to?
  • Because it is the thing to do?

Or do you actually want to increase sales and customers?

Since I started on the Internet in 1996 I have have found that to have a successful business website you need three websites:

  • a web site designed for search engines
  • a web site designed for marketing
  • a web site designed for sales

Three websites?

No, but to achieve these three things, your website may need some professional Internet marketing restructuring. And most web designers I come across, while technically very good at web design, have little experience in designing professional sales websites.

Whether you want people to

  • buy a product,
  • make an enquiry,
  • subscribe to your newsletter,
  • download some information or
  • visit a specific area of your website,

you need your web site visitors to take the appropriate action.

At Phoenix Business Solutions we help you increase your business web site’s effectiveness:

Internet Marketing Consulting:

We review your website for:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and effectiveness:
    Is your website designed to rank well on the major global and local search engines?
  • Marketing structure and design:
    Is your website designed to channel visitors to the pages that matter most – your “sales” pages?
  • Focus on sales conversion:
    Is your website designed to convert visitors to prospects and to customers?

We also

  • Research and implement online marketing and advertising options for your business
  • Advise on tools and programmes to implement to increase your effectiveness
  • Advise on third party programmes to develop multiple income streams

Niche Marketing:

We offer a range of services and option to help you target your niche markets. Successful marketing depends on how you reach your target markets effectively and on the Internet, how your web site attracts your target audience. Our online marketing services help you reach your target markets.

Professional Web Design:

We offer a professional web design service using content management systems (CMS) that allow you to take control of your website.

Business Marketing:

Through our association with strategic business partners we offer a package of “new age” and traditional business marketing and support tools, including PPC advertising such as Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, business networking and events management.

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